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Sergent Glenn Sturgill's Photo

Sergeant Glenn Sturgill

August 2, 1982 Det. Sgt. Glenn Sturgill was killed in the line of duty by three armed robbers inside the city of Ashland. Sgt. Sturgill had been following three suspicious males during the evening hours and observed the three use a shotgun in a robbery attempt at the Fisher Big Wheel store on Claremont Ave. The three approached a female in the parking lot and demanded her car. The female dropped a large glass jug she was carrying and the three males ran from the scene. Sgt. Sturgill then exited his unmarked unit and pursued the three males across the street into a cornfield behind McDonald's restaurant. The investigation showed that Sgt. Sturgill apprehended one of the males. Unknown to him, one of the other two was hiding behind a trash dumpster and fired one shot at Sgt. Sturgill striking him in the right-lower side and the angle of the rifled slug went upward and struck his heart, killing him instantly. Sgt. Sturgill fell backwards into the cornfield where he died. Within 8 hours, all three suspects had been located and were taken into custody. All three subjects were tried, convicted, and sentenced to prison for murder. Detective Sergeant Sturgill was killed on his 30th birthday. He left behind a wife, Becky, and two children. Detective Sergeant Glenn Sturgill had served the County for 6 years.

The Command Center built at the Ashland County Fairgrounds was dedicated in part to the memory of Detective Sergeant Glenn Sturgill. The main driveway at the Justice Complex was named Sturgill Drive in his memory.

Lieutenant John P. Gisclon's Photo

Lieutenant John P. Gisclon

On January 14, 1995, Lt. John P. Gisclon was on overtime duty and had been working a breaking and entering on Rt. 250 East at a local gunshop. One suspect was arrested at the scene by an undercover detective captain. The captain wasn't sure if he had arrested the only suspect. A search was conducted in the area with no one being located. Around 3:00am, Lt. Gisclon stopped a male walking on Rt. 250 North in Bailey Lakes. Lt. Gisclon called for a Ohio Highway Patrol Trooper in the area to meet with him at that location. Trooper Lee Sredniawa arrived within seconds. The trooper found only Lt. Gisclon's cruiser parked in the roadway. The trooper exited his cruiser and walked slowly toward Lt. Gisclon's cruiser. The suspect jumped up from behind Lt. Gisclon's cruiser and started shooting at the trooper, hitting him in the left leg. The suspect ran towards the trooper and started to attack the trooper. A hand-to-hand fight turned into a very close gunfight, which caused the trooper to be shot again. The trooper was finally able to shoot and kill the suspect. The trooper called for help and was able to get behind Lt. Gisclon's cruiser. He found the Lieutenant lying on his back in the roadway, unconscious from a gunshot wound. First responding sheriff's deputies arrived and started CPR on Lt. Gisclon. The squad arrived and transported him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Lt. Gisclon left behind a wife, Renee, and two small daughters. Lieutenant John P. Gisclon had served the County for 21 years.

The Command Center built at the Ashland County Fairgrounds was dedicated in part to the memory of Lieutenant John P. Gisclon. The west entrance to the Justice Complex was named Gisclon Drive in his memory.

Trooper James R. Gross's Photo

Trooper James R. Gross
Ohio Highway Patrol Post 3

January 12, 1969 - January 19, 1996
Hometown: Brunswick
124th Academy Class: June 25, 1993
Trooper Gross of the Ashland post was slain during a traffic stop on Interstate 71 in Ashland County. He responded to a CB-radio report of an erratic driver and, upon approaching the vehicle, was shot twice. The suspect was subsequently captured and convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death.

James Robert Gross was born January 12, 1969, to Robert and Barbara Gross. He graduated from Brunswick High School in 1987, then attended Akron University where he received an associate degree in criminal justice in 1991. While working his way through college as a restaurant manager, Jim Gross met Veronica Watson -- the future Mrs. James Gross, to whom he was married on August 21, 1993, two months after graduating from the 124th Academy Class. During his brief career, he served at Mt. Gilead and Ashland.

Trooper James R. Gross Memorial Highway

Members of the Gross family joined Governor Bob Taft when he signed Senate Bill 153 on February 12, 2002 designating a portion of Interstate 71 in Ashland County as the "Trooper James R. Gross Memorial Highway." The bill, sponsored by Sen. Jeff Armbruster of North Ridgeville, goes into effect 90 days after Gov. Taft's signature and filing with the Secretary of State.

Trooper Gross became the 33rd Patrol officer to die in the line of duty when he was fatally shot on Interstate 71 in 1996. The site of the shooting is in the middle of the two-mile stretch of the Gross Memorial Highway, between mileposts 189 and 191.

Efforts are being made to erect signs indicating the highway's name by mid-May, in time for the dedication ceremony when the bill becomes law.

Gross Memorial Highway Signing
Gov. Bob Taft displays the signed document as others watch. Standing left to right: Col. Kenneth L. Morckel, Major J.P. Allen, Eugene and Christine Murray (Gross' sister and brother-in-law), Sen. Jeff Armbruster, and Robert and Barbara Gross (parents).

Ranger James R. Pitney Sr.

February 5, 1952 - December 17, 2002

            On December 17, 2002 Ranger James R. Pitney Sr. was on duty as a Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District Park Ranger at Charles Mill Lake Park on St. Rt. 430 in Ashland County. He had gotten out of his vehicle to assist some workers that were doing tree trimming in the park when a branch that had been cut, fell from a tree hitting Ranger Pitney causing fatal injuries.

            James was also employed as a Special Deputy with the Ashland County Sheriff's Office from January 20, 1994 until the time of his death. He was also employed as a full time 911 communications officer for Ashland County until he resigned to work full time as a ranger.

            James was a retired Master Sergeant from the United States Air Force, which he served from 1971 to 1991.

           James left behind his wife Irene, a son James R. Pitney Jr., his wife Joy and their children Emma, Anna and Alec, another son Joseph R. Pitney, his wife Rebecca with a child expected in February of 2003. Both sons are currently in the United States Air Force. Ranger Pitney was killed the day before he was to take a vacation with his wife to visit his sons and their families in North Dakota and Colorado.








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